Hola mucha!

     Hello everyone!   Here we are at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala launching our new store online. Thanks to Joanna and Grace, and Cesar and Griselda for the great tour!  Lake Atitlan is said to rival Lake Como in beauty being described by Lonely Planet as, “the closest thing to Eden on earth”.  It was formed from a collapsed volcano and the caldera is surrounded by other volcanos.  You can cliff jump at San Martin and shop at all of the dozen or so towns around the lake.  

     We have lots of great things to add to our inventory: handwoven Ixcaco throws from the women’s weaving cooperatives, hand carved wooden spoons from wood sustainably harvested in the Petén rainforest, beautiful bags made from huipiles (indigenous women’s blouses handwoven and embroidered) and more.   We found lots of inspiration and sourced the best products we could find — handmade from locally sourced materials and many made by women’s collectives formed to help women receive fair pay for their incredible art.  Check out our Instagram page to see photos from our trip.  And stay tuned for more news about what we found on our trip.

Studio Maya at Lake Atitlan launching our store