We love our bag collection!  There is something for everyone and every task.  Our  One-of-a-Kind Collection features handwoven and embroidered textiles that are truly one-of-a-kind.  The artists skillfully weave their designs on backstrap looms using ancient symbols and patterns passed on from generation to generation.

We also feature innovative designs in our Artisan Collection from artists determined to make their place in a modern world.  These artists are designing fashion-forward textiles and combining them with their ancient techniques to create truly unique and beautiful bags.  Check out our Ecochic Collection of bags woven with recycled plastic from shopping bags!

Our Collections include Artisan Bags, Work Bags, One-of-a-Kind Bags, Ecochic Bags, Mountain Wool Bags, Small Bags, Straw Bags, Leather Bags, and Bag Accessories made of poms, tassels and charms.