Lava Collection

This jewelry collection contains lava beads as a reminder of the Volcan Fuego disaster in June.  ALL of the proceeds of the sale of these items will be donated to disaster relief to help the thousands of survivors displaced and in shelters and the ongoing recovery efforts.  They are a lovely reminder to remember, pray and give to help those affected by disaster.

Volcan Fuego erupted in Guatemala on June 3, 2018 with its largest eruption in the past 100 years burying several towns and displacing thousands of people.  Flows of mud, ash and rock covered roads and destroyed bridges with ash spread over a 12-mile radius.  Like ancient Pompeii the superheated pyroclastic flows buried entire communities leaving few survivors. 

The eruption has affected 1.7 million people in central Guatemala.  The official death toll stands at 113. This number does not include the hundreds of people missing whose bodies may never be recovered.  Thousands of people were evacuated from the area and remain in shelters.  There are many survivors whose homes, businesses and farms have had to be abandoned due to dangers and ash and lava 8 -10 feet deep where they once lived.  All will need to be relocated to new areas during the recovery. 

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Update:  Volcan Fuego erupted again November 19, 2018.  Nearly 4,000 people were evacuated from the area.  

Fuego, one of Central America's most active volcanoes, is one of three large stratovolcanoes overlooking Guatemala's former capital, Antigua. It typically has strombolian activity and sometimes phases of intense lava fountaining, producing tall ash plumes and dangerous pyroclastic flows.