Designer News Sofía Contreras-Paredes of Meus

Studio Maya features Sofia Contreras-Paredes of Meus

We recently ran into fashion designer Sofía Paredes at a showing where her Meus fashion designs were featured as the first display and welcomed visitors to the exhibition.  I must tell you she is gorgeous and the nicest person in the hall.  Read more about her as featured in Forbes magazine.

Her latest Collection first shown at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was on display and is currently offered for sale (all samples are size Medium). See her beautiful designs below and choose your favorite look!

You can contact her at her site 

           Meus Blind Senses Collection    Meus Blind Senses Collection

        Meus Blind Senses Collection     Blind Senses Trench Coat

Studio Maya loves Meus' Blind Senses Collection

Studio Maya loves dress from Meus' Blind Senses Collection