Merry Christmas!


Someone has rescued a baby sea turtle in your name!

The  Tortugario Monterrico works to preserve and conserve marine sea turtles that nest each year on the Pacific coast of Guatemala.  This is the nesting site for three species of endangered sea turtles. It is in fact one of the few places in the world that is visited by so many species. Plus, these turtles are extremely important to preserving the marine habitats.  This operation is part of the San Carlos University Center for Conservation Studies (CECON).  They offer to buy eggs found on the beach from the finders.  Guatemalan law says that residents may keep only 20% of eggs found (and only the Olive Ridley species-all other species and especially the critically endangered Leatherback species are supposed to be completely protected).  The rest they must sell to the tortugario for hatch and release.  

The nesting season runs from June through January, but peaks in August and September. During this time female sea turtles return to the place of their birth to lay their clutch of eggs in the sands.  Arriving in the dark she digs a hole and fills it with eggs before covering the site with sand and returning to the sea.  When the eggs are ready to hatch the baby sea turtles emerge from the nest and make their way across the sands to enter the ocean for the first time.  

Rescued eggs are held in the sand at the tortugario until it’s time to hatch.  Once the baby turtles have emerged from the sand they are released onto the beach to make their way home to the sea.   

All of the proceeds of your gift will be donated to the Tortugario Monterrico to support their rescue efforts.  Monies will be used to expand holding facilities and purchase more eggs in the future.

We thank you for your support and wish you and yours a blessed holiday!  Here's our Christmas gift to you!